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Medical evidence

In case of patients with mental disabilities, there are no time limitations

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Claiming compensation for medical errors is one of the most difficult cases which EuroClaim deal with. When solving such cases, it is necessary to know medical law and to have legal experience. So if you think that treatment you were subjected to was wrong and you suffered harm, we offer you our help. With EuroClaim you can rely on the lawyers experienced in British medical law.

We offer you comprehensive help in claiming damages on account of various medical negligence. We guarantee that the case for compensation will be under a conditional fee agreement (so called No win, No fee).


Are you entitled to compensation?

If the negligence occurred during the treatment or a medical error was stated which resulted in harm to the patient, then the patient can claim compensation. If the treatment was not as successful as you expected, then it has to mean that the medical staff who provided it were in fact negligent. Examples of medical errors can be: prescription of the wrong medicine or mistake made during surgery.


What may be taken into account when claiming compensation?

The compensation for medical errors may include all material losses which were incurred by the patient as a result of incorrect medical treatment. As compensation the patient can claim e.g.

  • compensation for pain and suffering
  • redress for deterioration of living conditions
  • return of lost income
  • refund of costs of private medical treatment, if necessary
  • purchase of rehabilitation equipment and adaptation of the place of residence due to the disability caused by the medical error

From the legal point of view, the commencement of the case has to be undertaken within three years from the date when you learnt for the first time about the fact that you suffered because of the medical error. In complicated cases, the court may decide that a particular case can be taken into account after three years. It is mainly related to the cases where the person injured was not aware that his or her injuries resulted from medical negligence.

When there is a case related to inappropriate treatment of a child, legal actions have to commence before the child is 21 years old since the three-years-period for claiming compensation commences with the legal age of majority.

In case of patients with mental disabilities, there are no time limitations. Their legal guardians can claim compensation in any time.