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Road Traffic Accident

Road traffic accidents are an unpleasant situation for people who experience them.

Wypadek drogowy Euro Claim

Road traffic accidents are an unpleasant situation for people who experience them. That is why, we know that for such a person the most important thing is rehabilitation and quick recovery. For the injured person it is difficult to make a decision on the repair of the car or to struggle with insurance companies.

Due to this fact, we have the pleasure of helping hundreds of our clients who were injured in a road traffic accident through no fault of their own, because they trust us that we will do our best to reduce the bad influence of the accident on their everyday lives. Lawyers from EuroClaim grant legal assistance to the casualties regarding all road traffic accidents and negotiations of the injury compensation.

It does not matter if you were the driver, passenger, cyclist or pedestrian. If it is not your fault that the accident occurred, you are entitled to claim compensation for injuries you got as a result of the accident, regardless of the fact, whether you suffered minor injuries such as whiplash or you had serious injuries such as a fracture. You deserve compensation for the pain you suffered, as well as for the costs and stress caused by the accident.

Parties involved in the accident often do not claim compensation they are entitled to. The reason for that is, for example lack of symptoms after the accident. Pain, vomiting etc. often appear a few hours or even days after the accident. That is why one should visit the doctor and think about instituting a claim procedure.

What kind of compensation for an accident in England will you obtain from EuroClaim

  • compensation for damaged/destroyed vehicle
  • compensation for the property destroyed in the accident – e.g. clothing, jewellery, electronic devices
  • compensation for personal injury, for injuries suffered as a result of the accident
  • compensation for rehabilitation, private medical treatment
  • compensation for future inability to work, if it is a result of the accident
  • compensation for loss of income, if one was unable to work because of the accident


We will also help to provide:

  • a replacement vehicle for the time of repair of the damaged vehicle or time of waiting for the refund of its value
  • we guarantee updated reports on the proceedings progress
  • free service if the case is lost