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Accidents at work

The lawyers we work with proudly boast many years experience in dealing with occupational disease and accident at work cases.

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Our lawyers can proudly boast many years experience in dealing with work related disease and accident cases.

If you believe your working conditions contributed to a diagnosed disease, you may be entitled to claim compensation. You are also entitled to legal recompense if you were injured due to the employers’ or a co-workers negligence.

Hazardous situations occur in every workplace due to many different reasons. These include faulty equipment, the error or negligence of another worker. If such a danger could have been avoided completely, in part by performing particular work differently or by adjusting the workplace, but injury happened, then you can claim compensation for injuries that are suffered.

Not only blue-collar workers suffer from occupational diseases. White-collar workers are also sometimes exposed to harmful contact with hazardous chemical substances such as asbestos. Studies conducted in the USA revealed that about 20% of people working in different industries suffered from asthma or other respiratory diseases e.g. pneumoconiosis.

Working in the vicinity of asbestos or paper and wood chips are the most common causes of occupational respiratory disease. Also being in very hot or dry rooms for a long time without appropriate protective clothing may cause significant health deterioration or a respiratory disease.

Occupational diseases are also caused by contact with various chemical substances contained in cleaning products. Such substances often lead to skin disease or inflammation. Experience shows that if an employee was not appropriately protected from harmful chemical substances or he was not instructed how to deal with them nor warned of the risk of exposure, then he has a good chance of obtaining compensation provided that he was injured through no fault of his own.

Operation of industrial machinery is frequently a cause of accidents or occupational disease. If the employer did not take appropriate action to reduce or remove any risk, the operators may suffer from permanent body injuries. Operation of a drill or other heavy equipment may contribute to industrial diseases such as vibration syndrome with Raynaud’s syndrome which affects patients for a long time.

Even office work such as typing may be connected with symptoms caused by repeated muscle tension e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome if there was no appropriate training and suitable equipment. These diseases are commonly known under the umbrella term – Hand-arm vibration syndrome and many of them constitute the basis for compensation if you manage to prove that it was caused by the work you are performing.

The majority of workers who work in the vicinity of noise sources should be appropriately protected. Our Lawyers have managed to win many cases for compensation due to occupational hearing-loss caused by poor working conditions.