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Failure on the motorway, what to do?

Motorway roadside is sometimes a dangerous place and stopping there, with the exception of emergencies, is prohibited.

Failure on the motorway, what to do?

By In EN On 17th February 2015

Failure on the motorway, what to do?

Before using the motorway, always plan the journey and make sure you have enough fuel. If you need to stop the vehicle on the motorway, you should adhere to the following safety tips.


In a situation when an emergency forces you to stop the vehicle, stop at the roadside.

Motorway roadside is sometimes a dangerous place and stopping there, with the exception of emergencies, is prohibited. Under no circumstances you can stop in there to look at a map or pick up the phone – always get to the nearest service or motorway exit.

Take special caution!

However, if the failure or other threat force you to stop the car, please follow the following guidelines developed by the Highways Agency.

  1. Stop on the left side

Stop the car on the side of the road and, if possible, park close to the left side. It is best when you stop by the emergency phone. Do not forget to turn on the vehicle’s hazard lights.

  1. Leave your car

Leave the car by using the door on the left side of the vehicle! In the car there should be no passenger or animal.

  1. Contact the Highways Agency

If possible, use the nearest road phone, not a cell phone. If you use an emergency road phone, the operator will quickly determine your exact location and thus help will get to you faster. On motorways, the emergency phones are located at a distance of one mile between each other.

Roadside signs are placed on the roadside in 10-meter spaces. They indicate (in kilometers), how far away are you from the beginning of the motorway. They also indicate the direction of the nearest emergency phone.

  1. Wait for help

Wait for the emergency service as far away from the roadway and the roadside as possible. Do not go back to the car and do not try to fix it yourself, even if you think it is a simple task.

  1. When you feel threatened by another person

If you think you are in danger, go back to your car through the door on the left side, fasten your seatbelt and lock all doors. If you feel that the danger is over, leave the vehicle as soon as possible.

NOTE: Sometimes you may not have the possibility of use of the roadside emergency telephone e.g. if you are injured or disabled. Then, as the Highway Code advises, stay in the vehicle wearing seat belts and turn on the hazard lights.

If you have a cell phone, dial 112 and tell the emergency services where you are. If there is a road sign within your sight, tell the operator what is written on it – then it be easier to locate you.

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